Couple add £31,000 to value of their ‘vanilla’ house after incredible makeover

Couple add £31,000 to value of their ‘vanilla’ house after incredible makeover

Kelly Rowland and Blake Dixon bought their first home together, a three-bedroom Edwardian house, in June 2019 for £126,000 – but they hated how it looked inside

A couple has added £31,000 to the value of their home after giving the “vanilla” property a stunning makeover.

Kelly Rowland, 32, and partner Blake Dixon, from Sheffield, spent around £4,000 on the project over the space of two years and completed most of the work themselves.

The pair bought their first home together – a three-bedroom Edwardian house – in June 2019 for £126,000, but it’s now worth £157,000.

Kelly and Blake weren’t happy with the lack of character inside their new home – saying it had “no style of personality” – and decided to spruce it up.

The couple had some experience in renovating, having previously helped Kelly’s parents transform their home.

This meant they already knew how to plaster, tile, fit windows and block paving and could save cash by not hiring professionals for most of the jobs.

Kelly said: “It looks like we have a new kitchen. [The house] has taken two years due to budgeting, and some of it is still ongoing – like the summer house and workshop which we are currently building.

“I am always redecorating so I will never be finished. [I would advise other people to] be unique and individual. Don’t be overly influenced by perfectly styled interiors.”

She added: “Always try and do things yourself – it is far more rewarding and satisfying.”

Kelly and Blake estimate that the bathroom cost £346.40 to do up, while the entire garden makeover cost less than £300.

They also revamped the kitchen cabinets for just £150 – excluding the handles, which were gifted – using primer and furniture paint.